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The art of positive change: investing in fulfillment

Making positive changes, growing, and evolving for the better aren’t easy tasks. If they were, we would all walk around as our best selves every day. I’ve changed SO MUCH for the better in the past couple of years — in the past couple of months and weeks, even! — and I still try to be… Continue reading The art of positive change: investing in fulfillment

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Balance, supplements, and tasty (protein-packed) treats

Helloooooooo and happy humpday! Today I wanted to talk about balance, supplements, and some yummy treats and other things I’ve been loving lately. To me, balance means a couple different things. Balance is being whole and happy and fairly distributing my attention, care, and time to things that are important, and always prioritizing my happiness first. I strive… Continue reading Balance, supplements, and tasty (protein-packed) treats

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Gym + Beauty Haul!!

Yesterday was like a mini, coincidental Christmas. I received orders I placed with Kylie Cosmetics, Eyeko, and T.J. Maxx. I’m an avid shopping addict. Especially online shopping; very little excites me more than the phrase “Free Shipping” and figuring out the thrilling puzzle of how to spend just enough to get free shipping. Being a… Continue reading Gym + Beauty Haul!!


How to get PUMPED TF UP to go to the gym

We all have those days when we know we should go to the gym but we just aren’t feelin it ya know like just one more episode of Parks & Rec on Netflix and then we’ll go… PUT THAT REMOTE/X-BOX CONTROLLER/iPAD DOWN! I experience this often and always feel so much better when I kick self-doubt and laziness to the curb… Continue reading How to get PUMPED TF UP to go to the gym


Makeup Golds: My Essentials

I used to have a luggage-sized* makeup kit filled with a million and five* impulse drugstore purchases that I used to decorate my face daily. (*mild exaggeration) However, recently I’ve downsized and kept my makeup bag to the essentials, reflecting a couple mindset changes. Firstly, I’ve found that investing in higher quality makeup is not… Continue reading Makeup Golds: My Essentials