Monday Motivation: Beating Excuses

via Pinterest

“Sorry, I was napping.”

Napping has always been one of my favorite excuses. “I’ll do it after I nap,” I tell myself, convincing myself that I’m so tired that napping is a necessity. If you’ve ever experienced consistently low motivation or even mild depression, you probably know how hard it can be to simply get going, when you feel physically exhausted and hopelessly unmotivated. Throughout college, I’ve pretty much become an expert at crafting excuses, or convincing myself that I have to do something else before I can do the thing that I really need to actually do. And I absolutely hate that I’m so good at it. Something I realized recently, though, is that the key to beating excuses is being aware of the excuses I’m making and separating what I’m convincing myself is more important from what is actually important. While breaks and power naps are nice sometimes, convincing myself that I have to watch another episode of Gilmore Girls before I can start a paper is a fallacy.

For the month of November, I’m challenging myself to cut out the excuses, and get to the important stuff first; even when it sucks, it pretty much always makes things easier later on — i.e., more time to watch Gilmore Girls (just kidding, more time to spend at the gym — or maybe a little of both)! After all, what do excuses accomplish?

Do what you need to do and don’t stop until you make yourself proud!

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