How to get PUMPED TF UP to go to the gym

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-8-33-51-pmWe all have those days when we know we should go to the gym but we just aren’t feelin it ya know like just one more episode of Parks & Rec on Netflix and then we’ll go…


I experience this often and always feel so much better when I kick self-doubt and laziness to the curb and *ahem* just do it. Here’s how I beat lack of motivation and get my butt in gear to go to the gym:

  1. Have a healthy pre-gym snack
    A lot of the time when I’m feeling sluggish and lacking in energy it’s because I’m not properly fueling my body to do the things I want it to do (like lifting lots of heavy things!). I used to try to cut calories and went to the gym on an empty stomach, but when I started doing more intense workout seshes, I started feeling crappier. I’ve had times where I had to leave the gym because I was shaking from hunger. I’ve had other times when I literally sat in the locker room and ate 3 Clif bars I found at the bottom of my backpack because I realized when I started working out that I had zero energy.
    If you want to push yourself, make sure you eat up first! But equally important, don’t eat right before you work out. I normally have a pre-gym snack about 30 minutes before I head out for the gym, otherwise I start feeling nauseous with all that food sloshing around.
    Some pre-workout snack ideas: Lately I’ve been loving eating rice cakes topped with chunky natural peanut butter (and sometimes Nutella) before I go to the gym for a good energy boost.
  2. Hydrate
    TMI I hydrate so much before and during my workouts that I have go to the bathroom like five times every time I go to the gym, which is also normally when I take my ~sweaty selfie breaks~ .. ya I have an overactive bladder but GUESS WHAT I’m also super hydrated. You can’t do anything if you’re not hydrated!
  3. Make a plan
    One thing that not only gets me pumped to go to the gym but makes my workouts at the gym much more effective is planning out what I want to do beforehand. I usually make a note on my iPhone with a checklist so I can check things off as I go along (how to add a checklist on iOS notes). I get my workout ideas from Pinterest (for example search “dumbbell arms”, “ab workout”, etc. — if you sift through the ads you can find some pretty useful stuff!), the many fitness accounts I follow on Instagram, and lately I’ve been loving incorporating workouts from Whitney Simmons’ YouTube channel into my gym routines! She is forreal forreal my favorite.
  4. Jam to some pump up workout tunes & make your workout playlist
    This is another thing that saves me a ton of time at the gym — making a kicka$$ workout playlist before hitting the gym saves me the agony of searching for songs on Spotify mid-workout and disrupting my ~gym flow~. I typically listen to EDM, and live sets and podcasts (usually Tiesto’s ClubLife podcasts) on Soundcloud are perfect for my workouts.
  5. Jump/dance/flail around
    Get your blood flowing! If I’m having a hard time energizing myself, sometimes I’ll do jumping jacks or high knees in place, and stretch it out. Dancing and flailing around is also one of my favorite past times.
  6. Throw on a super cute gym outfit
    For me this is SO critical. I get so much more excited to go to the gym if I have a cute gym outfit planned. Lay out your outfit beforehand and get excited to rock it like the beautiful badass you are. I love Gymshark and Lululemon, but I get most of my workout clothes at T.J. Maxx so that I can still afford to eat. I actually have a bunch of new, affordable stuff on the way and can’t wait to show y’all 🙂
  7. Gym hair don’t care
    Try out some new gym hairstyles! I usually go for something that won’t come out of place so I’m not readjusting it every five minutes at the gym. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration! I usually go for a single Dutch braid, pigtail Dutch braids, a messy top knot, or the classic “ponytail and gym hat so I don’t have to make eye contact with anyone”.
  8. Take a pre-workout/Make a post-workout drink/snack
    Unlike jumping/dancing/flailing around, this is optional. I started taking pre-workout recently and it’s been super helpful (in moderation) in giving me a boost to kickstart my workout and get me pumped to go to the gym.
    I also like to make my post-workout protein shake before I go to the gym. I use Muscle Milk chocolate flavored protein powder with almond milk and it’s soooo yummy!
  9. Remember why you started
    No matter your goals, your motivations, or your reasons, always remember, there was a reason you started this journey. On days when your motivation is low, remember why you started, why you want to keep going, and ask yourself what you’re doing to get there.
  10. Remember… YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

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