Thrifting and Lifting


Okay there’s no fire I lied but there are some fire emojis πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ because I got these fly new kickz (is that a cool thing to say?) and I am in love with them. Actually, they are not even fly new kickz. They are fly secondhand kickz. I got these off of Poshmark with some of the credits I’ve earned from selling old stuff I don’t wear anymore. If you haven’t checked out Poshmark, I seriously recommend doing so, because it’s a great way to declutter your closet and get rid of stuff you never wear and make some extra cash monies… and then use those cash monies to buy even more stuff so your closet is just as crowded as it was to begin with….. no forreal, I have a problem. Half of my wardrobe doesn’t even fit in my little apartment closet so it’s sitting in a suitcase on my bedroom floor. Hence why I’m trying to get rid of stuff. BUY MY CLOTHES PEOPLE AND RID ME OF THEIR OPPRESSION!!Β 

my notes are messy but you get the idea

Another recent development in my exciting fit/happy life: I have started a (new) bullet journal!!!!!! I am still setting it up so more pictures to come in an entirely separate post about that, but first I wanted to talk about how I have started using my new gridded notebook (a lot of people use dotted notebooks for bullet journals, but I found this one for $7 so I was like hell ya grids!!1) to add someΒ MUCH NEEDEDΒ organization to my gym life.


I’ve discussed before that it’s pretty much impossible for me to focus at the gym if I don’t have a plan. I’ll end up sitting on a mat daydreaming and scrolling through my phone and taking selfies and checking Instagram and regress into a sheep-like millennial and forget about working out. It’s a sickness, people.

I had been writing out my workouts on notes in my phone, however I found that that started to get a little distracting, too. Having my workouts written out in a notebook to physically check off has done wonders for my productivity lately. I finally got me some wireless earbuds and the nice thing about that is I’m not tethered to my phone so I put it off to the side when I’m working out and put on a good mix and get myself in the zone and focus. So, my advice: if you’re ever in a rut and having one of those days where you just can’t seem to focus, try writing out your plan for your workout and checking sets off as you go along!

Another thing I did that has been hugely helpful is writing out an exercise index in the back of my journal. I did this over the course of several hours on the bus from PA to NC using’s amazing exercise database. When I’m building my workouts and writing them out in my notebook, now I can simply flip to the back of my book, where I have various exercised organized by muscle groups as well as by equipment needed! Check it out y’all!! (**but note this is not every exercise ever just ones that I typically do and I also threw in some that I want to try. Again, highly recommend’s exercise database which I use on their app Bodyspace while at the gym — you can look up exercises by muscle group and by equipment on there as well!)

img_0715Β img_0721



Okay byeee much love,

Erin ❀️


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